Our Approach

We recognize that different business models have different needs. Traditional businesses look for solutions to drive profits. Social enterprises look for strategies that grow projects with significant social impact while providing a positive financial return. A not-for-profit organization looks for fundraising opportunities to support its social goals.

 Not-For-Profit Organizations

Fundraising is a key component of the operations of a not-for-profit organization. We will identify the best ways to approach potential donors with strategies that motivate giving. With our ever-busy lifestyles, people find less and less time to volunteer with organizations. We help you make the most of your volunteers with programs designed to express appreciation as well as promote solid communication among volunteers and your board/staff.

Our team has significant experience finding sources of funding and writing grant applications. We specialize in board governance – finding the most efficient and effective ways for your organization to operate so you can do much with limited resources. We can develop written policies and procedures to guide the actions of the members of your organization and ensure continuity when volunteers come and go.

 Business Services

Operation Organize works with small business to provide practical support and infrastructure to companies who don’t yet have or want a large internal staff. We offer professional services, collective expertise and competitive rates that will increase your company’s efficiency, effectiveness, and earnings.

Why hire us?

  1. Knowledge and Experience – we have 40 years of collective experience in most areas of business including management and operations. We also bring specialized skills such as fundraising and grant writing that may not exist in your organization. We partner with other professionals to provide additional top quality services such as media buying and website design.
  2. Faster – you and your staff already have day-to-day responsibilities that take up your time. We can work on your project according to your deadlines without disrupting your regular business.
  3. Cost Effective – we leave when the project is complete, so you have no investment in or commitment to permanent staff.

We can help define your business or strategic goals, assess your data and create baseline performance indicators, develop an action plan, implement the plan and evaluate the results.

 Support for Social Enterprises

“We help you do the right things and help you do things right.”

We take a collaborative approach that is tailored to your stage of growth, expertise and market. We recognize that social enterprises face a double bottom line that emphasizes both social and financial returns.

We help develop a sustainable management strategy that will provide a steady, reliable stream of income to fund your social impact projects. We analyze your operations to determine activities that provide high social impact and financial viability and deserve the bulk of your organization’s resources. Conversely, we also identify the activities that are low on both the social impact and financial viability scales and should be discontinued, so scarce resources can be allocated to projects with a better return.